Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Fish-O-Ween.............................

Even scary old crows shouldn't keep a determined angler off the water today.  Grab a hand full of candy on your way out the door and enjoy your day.  In my case, I will have too exercise double time over the next week to keep up with my candy intake. 

Now, as far as those fish go!..............................

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where did the time go.........................

A look outside this morning found a good solid frost awaiting all the early risers in my neighborhood.  Didn't bother taking any pictures of my neighbors scraping windshields.  Instead, I settled into the first pot of hot coffee.  My soul reminded me that on mornings like this, it prefers coffee to scraping windows.  I pondered on where did my time go this Summer and Fall. 

The last time I was on the water and enjoy some fishing was early in July.  Reading my previous post will enlighten those that don't know what has happened since then.  Making "Family First" makes for a good feeling in Gramps soul.....................  No fishing, but, did have some time to tie a little at my vise.  Nothing spectacular or new for that matter, but, satisfying for me.  In this manner, I was sort of able to keep fishing in the back of my mind.  However, time has come for me to get a balance on life again!  Even if it is fairly late in the fishing year, it is time for me to focus on what fishing means to me.  I came across a couple of pieces of wisdom that kind of sparked the fire again.  I wanted to share them with my readers and see if they spark your interest, too.

My daughter sent this piece of wisdom to me through Facebook.  It sums up why I have this life long interest in fishing and why, even if I have to take some time off once in awhile, fishing is at the core of my soul.

Izacc Walton certainly could not have expressed better what is at the core of my fishing soul.  I am so happy I have been able to be one of the wise men and not one of the fools.

With that, I feel my casting arm beginning to limber up and a Wooly Bugger about to jump from my box ready to give the local trout a go.  Stocked Rainbow Trout do serve a purpose!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Ok, Here Are The Rules.....................

Ok, now, with that said, lets all move along here.  

I have been away from the blogging scene for a couple of months.  Too busy to detail all that has happened.  It has been a Summer of health issues (My Wife's), transitioning grandchildren into the adult world, helping my daughter and her family move (just across town a ways, but, still), spider bites and irritation from such, and, arthritic pain all in the past (120) days or so.

I didn't really think I would be back on the blogging scene.  Wiped out my past blogs and access too them, turned Facebook into just a family affair, and, otherwise took the steps I felt necessary to have the time to deal with all of the above.

After spending quite a bit of time talking to Jesus, we have come to the agreement, that all will be fine and I can return to fishing and talking about fishing with my online friends.  Hope to see a few of few stop by once in awhile...........

I will write about my fishing experiences, my time in the outdoors, and, other fish blabber.  If nothing else, it will be a  place for my kids and Grandkids to enjoy and keep as memories of Gramps!

That is my mission statement with this blog, unless, it isn't.........................