Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Who Is "The Pond Stalker"?

Recently, I read and participated in a very excellent discussion over on the Facebook Group, "Fly Fishing Bloggers"

The discussion was prefaced on what is becoming of the fly fishing blogger scene.  Is it drying up? Has it lost it's mojo? Blog posts are less frequent, blog views or hits are becoming more scarce, so, how do we rejuvenate the fly fishing blogging scene.  Better content? What kind of content? 

Anyway, you get the drift of what the conversation was about, and, I encourage all fly fishing bloggers, or, general fishing bloggers to take a minute if you can and check it out.

That led to another discussion that centered on a format of the various blogs still active to do some sort of re-introduction of their blog and their focus.  So, here is mine!

From the ponds in and around Loveland, Colorado.

I am a retired Fly Fisher & Fly Tyer who has spent most of his fly fishing past chasing Trout in Stillwaters across the Western United States with brief excursions on small streams and warmwater ponds.

I won't make any attempt to mislead anyone here,  I have loved fishing lakes and ponds for years.  My passion has always led me to these waters and the fun they offer to the flyfisher and fly tyer.  Although, most trips out were for chasing the big trout that lakes produce, my secret passion has been the fun of fly fishing for Bluegill, Crappie, Sunfish, and other assorted warm water fish.  I am currently taking an interest in getting to know more about fly fishing for Bass.  Perhaps even some Carp in the future.  One step at a time you Ol' Geezer, I remind myself!

Living in Northern Colorado where I do offers plenty of opportunity for me to chase my dreams in warm water fly fishing and fly tying.  What I love most about it is that I can drive less than (15) minutes from my home and be on the water with a chance at a good time.  Economical, time saving, and, that word "FUN" again.  Which in turn means more fishing and tying time for me.   I am also very Grandchildren oriented so I have plenty of other activity to keep me busy so time on the water still needs to be worked around everything else.  

I, also, have to be a very budget oriented Geezer.   Being a Senior Citizen on a fixed budget requires that I spend my money wisely and my time efficiently.
I take great pleasure in keeping my fly fishing time as simple as possible.    From the gear I use to the techniques I use. It works! 

 Please take the time to look around on my blog and enjoy what is here. Your support is greatly appreciated!