Friday, November 6, 2015

So What Happened To Ol' Walter...............

So, most, if not all of you who read my blog posts know that following me around requires a road map sometimes.............

Back in the late Spring and early Summer, I began writing from a new blog address.  It was titled Fishin4Walter.   I had made a few posts and it was up and running.  I had notified a bunch of my BlogBuddies that would be where they could find me.

Well, sometimes things don't go quite as expected.  A number of personal family issues cropped up that required all of my time if they were going to be dealt with.  Blogging would have to take a back seat.  So I stopped blogging! I figured I would just start up again when the time was right and everything would go like clockwork.  I know others who have had similar experiences, so, I figured it won't be any big deal.  

Three months or so past and the family needs were back under control and I was ready to hit the blogging trail again!

Not quite so fast there, Gramps! Somehow, someway, my blog had disappeared.......
Well, at least, my access had disappeared to the above link to my blog...... Hmmm........
Try as I might to re-access my blog, apparently, Blogger had a different idea.  That old blog link is no longer registered in my name.  Therefore, nothing can be added at that website!  

So, that is how most of you ended up back here.  I had to develop a new Blogger account, and, start a new blog.  Obviously, that meant a new blog title and address.  I was thinking, ok, I will just start a new Fishin' 4 Walter blog and move my old posts over to the new address.

Blogger folks said, "NO".  That title is not available and has been archived!
So..... here we are at Gramps Fishing Journal.  I sincerely apologize to all my blogging friends for creating such a runaround scenario.  Blogger has convinced me that I must be at fault somewhere.

Well, as you can see, I don't take to being told "NO" well.  With that said, although I cannot add to my old blog, I certainly don't have any problems going there and copying "MY" posts and bringing some of them over here.  So watch for them.  You may have read them before, but, a refresher read won't hurt you.  I will not bring over all the comments.  So if you have time don't hesitate to leave a comment anew.

I will show them they can't keep an Old Dog down.............................................



  1. Replies
    1. Drew, getting more comfortable with being back. BlogBuddies like you make my efforts all worthwhile. Happy Hook Ups, my friend...

  2. Mel
    Will be looking for some of those storied post----thanks for sharing

    1. Good Morning, Bill....
      I will start re-loading a few of those soon. After all, this is a fly fishing blog, right? Looking forward to sharing them with you guys before Blogger does away with them.....................

  3. So as you wander through blogdom changing blog titles and URL's, just keep a list of email addresses (like I have) and send out the new address as you change. That way we'll all be following no matter where you go.

    1. Hi, Mark...
      That is a darn fine idea actually. I will get on that asap! Makes sense that would be easier than catching up with everyone helter skelter!
      I have lost your new email address since your move.
      Here is mine
      been missing all your jokes and stuff!

  4. I know that old Gramps is still chock full of good stories so I'm naturally excited to see you back once again.

    1. Howard, I am often referred too as full of something! Tee Hee...................

      Those good stories get a little twisted the older I get. Hang on!

  5. Great to see you back, Mel. I'm even more grateful to hear the family issues are all under control now.

    Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Justin. I am enjoying being back in the blogging groove. Appreciate the kind words on family support!
      I will catch up on reading your blog posts as well as look forward to more of your adventures.....